Tsjuder deliver Norwegian black metal in the classic raw and rattling style, less the nostalgia…

On their fifth full-length Antiliv not a single note has to be dyed black; the roots that are clearly showing are coated in the abyssal musical non-colour pioneered by Bathory, Celtic Frost, and Venom as well as those Northern masters Mayhem, Darkthrone, and Emperor. The venomous and vicious throat rendering by bassist Nag and guitarist Draugluin entwines with thorny, relentlessly driving riffs and an infernal rhythmical ice storm unleashed by drummer Anti-Christian over majestic melodies. In the band’s own words Antiliv delivers “raw and uncompromising black metal”. Have a listen to ‘Slumber With The Worm’ which is streaming right here, right now in collaboration with Season Of Mist!

To see the formats available and to pre-order a copy of Tsjuder’s Antiliv click here.

Antiliv Full tracklisting
01. Kaos
02. Krater
03. Norge
04. Djevelens Mesterverk
05. Demonic Supremacy
06. Slumber with the Worm
07. Ved Ferdens Ende
08. Antiliv

Digibox bonus tracks
09. Kaos (rehearsal version)
10. Slumber with the Worm (rehearsal version)
11. Antiliv (rehearsal version)
12. Deathcrush (MAYHEM cover)
13. Unholy Pagan Fire (BEHERIT cover)

Tsjuder-2015-130-smallTsjuder is:
Nag: vocals, bass
Draugluin: guitar
Anti-Christian: drums

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