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You’re not very happy lately, I can tell! Perhaps it’s the cold, piercing through your skin and making your ears buzz in an unpleasant way. Perhaps it’s the Christmas Holidays that are fast approaching, with the pompous philanthropy that takes over the media and the fake sense of hope this gives rise to. Or perhaps it’s that you (like me) did not manage to go to Brussels for the final installment of Nidrosian Black Mass this weekend. Well, there is something that could make all this better – a huge event is taking place in London this Tuesday, 8 December 2015.  

An event that, even though unapologetically obscure in nature, had to be moved from Nambucca to the much bigger (in capacity and in sound) The Dome due to popular demand. And it makes perfect sense. After all, on the night of December 8th,  four of today’s greatest forces in underground black metal are coming together, proving once more that black metal’s ugly head is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to actual ticket sales.




Formed in 2000, the Polish beast answering to the name Mgla is steadily growing into one of the most trusted bands in today’s black metal world. Following the impetus built by their demos, their debut album Groza (2008) exploded like a neutron bomb through our speakers. Mgla then kicked the scene in the nuts with 2013’s With Hearts Towards None – an album that reeks of old-school feeling yet comes with the fresh air of true inspiration. Their most recent offering, 2015’s Excercises In Futility, is every bit as strong and determined as its mid-paced predecessor. Dissonant guitars, sore vocals, original lyrics, engulfing sound, uplifting melodies, coherent songs… Mgla are in fact one of the two competitors for yours truly’s best album of 2015.

Oh- and, without exaggeration, one of the best drummers to ever perform black metal!






Main support comes from the Norwegian One Tail One Head, who are rapidly becoming a concert favorite for black metal fans. Formed in 2006, the trio (now quartet) are taking the black metal world by storm as their appearances are usually followed by a crowd singing their praises. And I find no reason to disagree. Just listen to the urgency in their music and try not to bang your head!






The Icelanders were only spawned in 2013 but they seem to be extremely well-versed on combining harshness and ambience. Skipping the “demo” stage, Misthyrming jumped straight to a full-length in 2015. Cold atmospheres, seething guitars, heavy vocals and a unique approach to songwriting make this hooded troupe one of the most fascinating newcomers black metal has ever seen.





Kringa from Austria will be opening the night. A fairly new band that go for the throat with harsh and passionate black metal. The three demos and two EPs they conjured since their inception in 2008 speak for themselves really – it is worth noting however that they are now collaborating with Terratur Possessions (one of the organizers of aforementioned Nidrosian Black Mass V festival) and the mighty Daemon Worship Productions.



This London exclusive show comes courtesy of the gents at Isengard Promotions.



Doors open at 6.15
Kringa ——– 7:00
Misthyrming -8:00
OTOH——— 9:05

Ends at 11:oo

Thanks for dropping in!

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