ZT have teamed up with Dying Victims to premier the new track from Tasmania’s Ironhawk taken from their Ritual Of The Warpath album coming out on 30th June.

From the remote backwaters of Tasmania, Ironhawk emerged in 2013 at a ramshackle basement gig where a hijack of the stage to butcher a handful of Motörhead covers lit the fuse, which in turn exploded as the unholy trinity of Simon (ex-Bastard Squad, Distroy), Mitch (ex-Vulgar, Bulletproof), and Ange (The Wizar’d, Tarot) cast blackened metalpunk forged in the flames of Bathory, Amebix, Sacrilege, Venom, and English Dogs.

2014 saw the first round of tracks to be released as the mini-album Boozehounds From Hell. However, it was in the years that followed that Ironhawk would gain momentum with rowdy live shows around Australia and beyond. 2017 saw the Cemetery of Steel EP give the taste of metalpunk fury, and upon the plague of 2020, Ironhawk turned to the studio to lay down their long-awaited full-length debut, Ritual of the War Path.

Like a time-warp to 1985, Ritual of the War Path is a grandiose-yet-grimy statement of ancient metalpunk powers known only to the most devout. Strap in and prepare for a filthy white knuckle ride into booze fuelled aggression!

1. The Final Crusade
2. Signal to Oblivion
3. Into the Circle
4. Sanctimony
5. Eternal Winter
6. Dark Age
7. Escape From the Void
8. Doomsday Rider
9. Gates of Beyond
10. Ritual of the Warpath


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