Napalm Records was set on sharing the new video from Megaherz with you, so we politely obliged! You can watch the official video for the track ‘Einsam’ below.   

“Look forward to the new shredfest!”, says Germany’s Megaherz of their new EP Erdwärts, releasing to plug the gap between their German tour this January and their next full-length. According to the label, there are four new and very varied songs on offer here: two of them riff-laden heavies, then there’s a mid-tempo one, and a slow and brooding track that they claim will be “the talk of the town”. Lyrically, fear is at the heart of Erdwärts: fear of the unknown and fear of a world that seems chaotic and out of control (‘Schwarzer Mann’). ‘Glorreiche Zeiten’ (‘Glorious times’), on the other hand, wishes strength to dreamers aiming to fulfil their biggest dreams. ‘Einsam’ (‘Lonely’) tells the story of the demise of a relationship, but with a twist… Additionally, two of the band’s ‘classics’ have been re-recorded – fans will embrace the new versions of ‘Teufel’ and ‘Jordan’.

MHZ_band1_v2Want to know more about Megaherz? Go to this location.

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