ZT PREMIERE: Extreme metalheads Hell-Born present new album ‘Natas Liah’ on release date!

Today, the recently re-formed Polish Hell-Born are unvealing their sixth album Natas Liah via Odium Records. In order to celebrate this attack of vibrant black, death, and trash metal, the band has unleashed the album on various streaming plattforms, and we are delighted to present the album stream on Zero Tolerance.

Most fittingly, Natas Liah – which is really just the inversion of Hail Satan – starts with spoken words and the statement that Hell-Born are here to do the Devil’s Work. Baal Ravenlock and Les, the two main musicians behind Hell-Born and originally also founding members of the death metal machine Behemoth, teamed up with drummer Diabolizer (Deathvasstator) for this long player and crafted a fluid mixture between black, death, and thrash metal. Clearly being an hommage to the old days of (Polish) extreme metal, it was important for the artists to focus on the values of those days, namely creating radical and innovative art, without repeating themselves or constraining themselves too much when it comes to genre boarders or other limites. The fact that Behemoth-mastermind Nergal joined Hell-Born in the studio for the track ‘Blakk Metal‘ further underlines the rooting and grounding of this record in the Polish extreme metal scene. The result of this quest can now be heard in the official album stream of Natas Liah, and we are delighted to be the official partner to premiere this work of art:

Hell-Born recorded Natas Liah in the Creme De La Creme Studio together with producer Haldor Grunberg who is, among others, famous for working on Behemoth’s I Loved You At Your Darkest and Blaze Of Perdition’s The Harrowing Of Hearts.

Natas Liah tracklist:

01. When You Are God
02. Axis Of Decay
03. Ye Olde Woods Devil
04. Uroboros
05. The Butcher
06. Son Of Earth
07. In God’s Death
08. Soulrape
09. Blakk Metal

Natas Liah is available via the webshop of Odium Rex. The album will be released on CD and vinyl as well as a diehard version. More info about the band can be found on their Facebook page.

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