We’ve teamed up with Norway’s Indie Recordings to give you the opportunity to watch an official lyric video from Dunderbeist!  Nice aren’t we?


The wait for Dunderbeist’s seventh album release has stretched to over two years, which is pretty unusual for such a highly productive bunch whose previous two full-lengths saw release in the same year back in 2012. This time around though the band chose to take their time to avoid making any hasty decisions in their craft. In a similar vein to their eponymous 2011 release, the lyrics on Hyklere (Eng.: Hypocrites) are all in Dunderbeist’s native tongue, with its raw and honest touch from their local Hedmark woodlands of inner Norway. This time however, the words take a more personal turn, creeping into the darker aspects of life. The band explain the thought-process behind this lyrical pathway:

“Many people easily express lines like “I am just being myself”. But who are truly so? Do you react the same way, using the same words, express yourself in the same way when speaking to your grandma versus when speaking to your buddies? Humans are by reflex adaptable creatures who mirror what and who we meet to understand better, and to communicate easier. It is an encoded, empathic action to adjust to one’s environment and forum. A frontman of a rock ’n’ roll band doesn’t shout and spit on the floor when at home with his family on a quiet Sunday morning. We all modify and adjust to different situations. Especially since the blooming of social media, this phenomenon has become even more apparent. We create idealised, glossy pictures, constantly modifying the image of ourselves that we show the world. We leap into roles that fit the situation to better manage it, and exit on the other side as better versions of ourselves.

Dunderbeist 4 Photo by Sebastian LudvigsenWikipedia on Hypocrisy: “Hypocrisy is the claim or pretense of holding beliefs, feelings, standards, qualities, opinions, behaviors, virtues, motivations, or other characteristics that one does not in actual fact hold. It is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticises another. In moral psychology, it is the failure to follow one’s own expressed moral rules and principles.”

This goes for all of us. How many politicians, celebs, priests and other people in higher positions of power don’t get totally undressed when one filthy, hidden truth after another unveils? We all have sides to ourselves that would not bear the public light, that thrives in darkness and lie ehind that illusion we so hard try to construct. We are all hypocrites. We all revel in retweets, fb likes and the attention from short-lived shimmers of sanctimonious joy of our own perishable excellence.

This record speaks from a various number of conditions and personalities that various situations confront us with. We all have dark sides, good sides and melancholic sides. We are all bad humans, making bad choices, as much as we are good, healthy individuals adding something of substance to the world. We all have a Mother Theresa or a Charles Manson inside of us. The only difference being them letting that part take control and become something more than just a perishable thought.”

Hyklere is out now on Indie Recordings.

Dunderbeist 2015 lineup
Torgrim Torve – Vocals
Fredrik Ryberg – Guitar + vocals
John Birkeland Hansen – Drums
Stein Kristian Liljan – Bass
Ronny Flissundet – Guitar + Vocals

Full tracklisting
1. Skaubror
2. Gryta
3. Punktum Mortale
4. Groms
5. Langsint (og tresk)
6. Sjøldestruksjon pkt.1
7. Slagord
8. Spaan
9. Ti tusen timer
10. Vardøgger (Det var jo da)

Produced by Vincent Sorg (Kreator, Die Toten Hosen, Oslo Ess ++).

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