ZT PREMIERE: Don’t miss hearing the entire album from Anarkhon ahead of its vinyl release…

We’ve joined forces with France’s Debemur Morti Productions to air old-school Lovecraftian death metallers Anarkhon’s latest album – Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple – ahead of its vinyl release later this month. If you didn’t catch the CD release last September, now’s your chance to give it a complete listen before hitting the pre-order link below… If you’re already acquainted with or are a proud-owner of the Brazilian’s …Death Temple then now’s your chance to get it on wax too!

Full tracklist
01. Dimensional Incantation
02. Far Beyond Blood & Death
03. Assuming The Grotesque From Of The Nightmare
04. Ancient Tomb
05. Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple
06. Asymmetrical Chaos Spitting Stellar Graves
07. Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences

DMP’s Jonathan turns off the lights as frontman/guitarist Aron explains more about the release…

Jonathan: We are putting the spotlight on the full album stream of Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple in the coming days. Do you think there is a perfect time (of the day) and a perfect place to listen to your fourth album in full?

Aron: I recommend listening at night, alone, because when it is dark, when our limited eyes cannot see through the darkness, then you start wondering if there’s something there looking at you. And this album is a perfect soundtrack for that. The potential and coldness of the album becomes clear as soon as the first song starts.

J: When you look back at the recording and the production of your fourth album, what was perhaps the biggest challenge during those processes? On what did you have to work the longest and why?

A: I have no doubt that the biggest challenge was to evoke and create all the creepy atmosphere that we really wanted during the writing process and in the final mix. It is not so easy to create something that will literally make some people question their inner fears and their “reality”.

J: Is there a specific song or passage of a song on which you would like the listeners to focus specifically while listening to the whole album? Is there a little secret to be found which can only be unveiled if one listens to it very carefully?

A: The entire album is an experience of the unknown. There is something out there whispering into the ears of the listener between each riff and each song: ‘be careful, some secrets exist to never be revealed’

Anarkhon is:
Kleber Hastur – Guitars
Jean Raimi – Bass
Aron Romero – Guitar/Vocals
W. Backer – Drums

Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple is released on vinyl on 26 March 2021. Pre-orders are available via the label’s EU shop http://bit.ly/anarkhonEU, Bandcamp http://bit.ly/PPOTDTemple, and US shop http://bit.ly/anarkhonUS.

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