London is a far cry from the rich culture and heritage of South America and possibly the last place you might think to find a South American death /thrash band, but that’s exactly where Brazilian/ Colombian metallers Necroriser call home these days. With their full length ‘Violent’ coming out on May 4th, ZT thought it was high time we dropped in for a chat.


ZT: For those unfamiliar with the band, who are Necroriser and what do you stand for?


N: We are a three piece South American Thrash Death Metal band now based in London UK. Vermeyo (Brazil) vocals & bass, Mighell (Brazil) guitar and Ruben (Colombia) drums. We stand for a free un-manipulated world, away from the bullshit of politics religion and all the crap around.


ZT: You have a full length out in May rather aptly entitled ‘Violent’; care to shed light on any of its inner workings and influences?


N: All the tracks are very special for us every one of them have its importance but if we have to name one it has to be “Suicide” this song was composed many years ago with a lot of anger in mind and that’s why the crowd go mad when we execute it live.


ZT: The thrash elements of your music stand out loud and proud as does the groove. Was there a conscious decision when forming the band that your sound was going to be engineered that way or did it simply evolve? Are there any particular influences that have helped shape it?


N: No, all the songs simply happened naturally, no second thoughts were given while writing them, things just fell into place and it sounded the way we wanted and liked to be. There is not really a band or someone that influenced us doing the tracks, it has to be natural and that’s the way we do it, if we like the riff we just play it.


ZT: As a band that heralds from South America, how do you think that the scene differs in comparison to over here? Do you find differences in the energy and intensity of the crowd?


N: Yeah things in South America are very different and so is the crowd. There is a lot to do with culture, as we all know most of the population there live under extreme situations, so when you are a metalhead over there you believe in it, you really go for it. Europe it’s a bit quieter but brutal all the same, just different.


ZT: You’ve done a fair few shows around the UK and Europe, for those that haven’t seen you, what constitutes a Necroriser show?


N: Our gigs are full of positive energy from the first to the last song, even the tracks are more aggressive and intense when we perform live, if you are after a great vibe that’s the place to be.


ZT: What does the rest of 2013 hold for Necroriser? Any upcoming dates we should look out for?


N: We’ve got few gigs around the UK and that’s our focus at the moment we want to explore the UK playing everywhere in the country. A few dates in Europe will certainly happen but the UK it’s the target now. The album release show on the 4th May at The Unicorn Camden (London) you metalheads must go, it’s gonna be a great night!


We’ll be releasing a video very soon also and we would like to thank all the metalheads who have been supporting us!! Thanks guys!!


‘Violent’can be purchased via Necroriser’s official site from May 4th.

Thanks for dropping in!

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