ZT: Please briefly introduce the readers to Necro Ritual.


Corseth: Starting in 2003, we have so far released two records, 2004’s Pure Satanic Slaughter and last year saw the eventual release of Nerthus’ Demise


ZT: To many there’s no black metal without a satanic philosophy. Which form of Satanism do you follow? Traditional? CoS?


C: Satanism at its core is a purely individualistic path and therefore I do not like to pigeon hole it to a specific philosophy of any persons creation but most certainly to not subscribe to any CoS teachings. For me it is a means to bring myself closer to that which IS Satan and not anyone else’s ideology.


ZT: How did you record the new album Nerthus’ Demise? Are you happy with the release?


C: Nerthus’ Demise was recorded ourselves in different stages and mixed and mastered by Grimsturm (drums) over the course of a couple of months at his home. I am very satisfied with the release and we will soon by re-releasing it on a different label which will be announced at a later date.


ZT: What are your thoughts on today’s UK metal scene as a whole? Could you also tell us about the scene in Croydon?


C: There are some real stand out acts coming out of the UK now, particularly in the London area. I couldn’t really care less about Croydon.


ZT: Necro Ritual will play a headlining show at the Scream Lounge in Croydon alongside Craven Idol and Sepuku on the 10th of December. What do you expect from the gig? What can we expect from a Necro Ritual live appearance on home turf?


C: This gig is a perfect opportunity for each band to push the limits of what they can do as a live beast and I have every confidence they will. It’s a good venue with a good sound and will be an excellent chance to give Croydon the kick in the teeth it deserves.


ZT: What’s next for Necro Ritual?


C: Right now we are forging a lot of new songs which will be a part of future releases. We will be sporadically streaming rehearsal demos of these tracks; one of which can be heard right now (http://necro-ritual.blogspot.com/) and as ever, will be playing more live shows. Crushing ever forward.


ZT: Thanks for the interview!


Check out the facebook event’s page HERE!

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