NigredoFrom the shadows of Athens, Greece, a new force is rising. Formed in 2013 by members A (guitars, vocals) and Maelstorm (drums), this force is so far known to mortals only as Nigredo.



“Nigredo refers to a process of the alchemical Magnum Opus that expresses putrefaction and decomposition. Saturn rules over Nigredo and he corresponds to putrescence, negativity, death and the principle of aggressive disintegration-destruction. The above concepts and thus the name complement the band’s musical vision.” A says of the band’s name.


Crafting a suffocating audio assault, Nigredo takes no prisoners: prominent dirty guitar sound, somewhat reminiscent of early 90s Sweden, seething vocals and punishing drums work together to take the listener out of this world. On how they would describe their music, A offers: “We’re playing riff driven black metal in an attempt to create a somewhat distinct aural result by combining our influences from all over the black (and maybe death) metal spectrum. Even though I consider every album I listen to as an influence, if I had to name a few bands that helped in shaping the musical vision of Nigredo, they would be Deathspell Omega, Bathory, Mayhem, Watain, Celtic Frost, all with their earlier works.”


What you are reading above are all the answers A agreed to give to my nine or ten questions. It seems this force does not want to come under the microscope yet.


Nigredo’s debut mini-album Facets Of Death will be available from Odium Records in October.



Facets Of Death tracklist:

1. M L K
2. Visions From The Sepulcher
3. Nihilistic Iniquity
4. The Wandering Exile


Listen to the song MLK here:

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