Ghast Ghast ‘s second full-length, titled Dread Doom Ruin, was released on 18 August 2014 via Todestrieb Records. It took the  Swansea doom/black metallers four long years after the release of the Terrible Cemetery EP to put together these six new songs that will keep you uneasy in the comfort of your room.



“Befitting such a monolithic work of relentless negativity, this recording has been roaming purgatory for almost two years…” the press release reads.



Recorded on 14 and 15 September 2012 at The Compound by Swine (Hateful Abandon, Salute), it is only now that Ghast’s second album surfaces. It took several months during 2013 to mix Dread Doom Ruin, originally intended for release on Flenser (who also released the vinyl edition of May the Curse Bind) but cancelled earlier this year. Flenser did organise the new mastering for Dread Doom Ruin, however; this was completed in early 2014 by Colin Marston (who has production credits with Atheist, Jarboe, Winterfylleth and many others).



Curious to find out what went into this album, I contacted the band and all three members agreed to answer a few questions. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Arrrrrrrach (vocals, guitars), Myrggh (bass) and Kz (drums).



ZT: What are the main sources of inspiration behind the new album?

Arrrrrrrach – Musically, besides the usual it was pretty much the struggle of trying to match the first one. Lyrics are all fog, hate and dungeons. I draw and paint so I have sometimes have these images that if I’m too lazy to render, I’ll at least get ’em into a track.

Myrggh – For me, a lot of water went under the bridge in between May The Curse Bind and the new album; a lot of experiences that provoke all sorts of thoughts and feelings which include the sorts of things that loads of people go through but are too personal to mention. Basically, the pressure valve has got to be released at some point. The album functioned as a form of catharsis for me, and still does when I listen to it. There’s a gradual increase of tension over the span of the album which I find extremely powerful.

Kz: I just wanted to play better.


-What caused this great delay in its release?

Arrrrrrrach – There were several things going on. We were fussy about the mix a few times, had trouble getting a date scheduled etc.

Kz: The list of delays is incredible, at every stage we’ve faced long delays, I know delays are usual for bands, but this has been ridiculous! Much respect to Todestrieb for saving us from further delays!

Myrggh – Life.



ZT: How different is the new offering from the old ones?

Kz: I think we’ve achieved something, it might take some time to fully realise what has happened.

Arrrrrrrach – It’s not a massive departure. More cobwebs and stone in this one. It’s longer too! More dead stuff happening.

ZT:Was such an idea part of the purpose of the new album?

Arrrrrrrach – We just want to use the music we make to be honest. Purpose is standard miserable and hateful music that hangs together nicely.

Kz: My focus was improvement, even though it may not have seemed that way at the time.


-Any other music projects you are involved in?

Myrggh – I’ve started another project on my own, called Deheubarth. Very early stages and I don’t fully understand where it’s going yet, but so far it’s not dissimilar to Ghast.

Kz: I’ve been home recording all manner of music, most recently some trad doom which we’ve called Reclvse.

-What are your future plans?

Kz: More of the same. We’re currently just sitting back.

Arrrrrrrach – We’re not up to much right now. A mixture of feeling dried up and busy. We’ll get together at some point but the last thing I want is to force it before we’re ready. 



Dread Doom Ruin comes as a digipack with 12 page booklet including lyrics, with artwork by Arrrrrrrach and layout by Myrggh.

The album is available from Todestrieb and Ghast.

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