wolf hoffmann_acceptNope, not enough fingers to count Accept‘s sack of releases over their lengthy career, and this August, that sack was fit to burst as they stuffed in yet another full-length release, Blind Rage.  The album not only drew praise from listeners, it transpires that Accept are stunned at how well it’s been received. They’ll need to pick their jaws up off the floor though as they’re set to light up the stage this Thursday, November 27th, at The Forum in London’s Kentish Town. Paul Castles chooses his words carefully as he throws a stack of quick questions at guitarist Wolf Hoffmann ahead of what promises to be a killer live heavy metal show.

ZT: You guys have been really clocking up the air miles this year! Do you enjoy the touring and travelling as much as when it all started for Accept back in the 80s?
WOLF: Absolutely …and some! We are much more aware of the miracle that happened to us.

 When Accept first formed did you ever imagine you’d still be playing and recording 30 years later?
How could we? In that age you do not ever believe you ever will be 30!

 Over the past year have you visited any places you’ve never been to before?
 No, I do not think so. But honestly, I have a hard time even to realise how many countries we’ve been to.

Are things a little easier and more comfortable on the road now than when you first started out?
It is, and with all the technology it is very different today. However, Accept has always been a band who has been taken care of. 

Have you been pleased with how new album Blind Rage has been received so far?
Pleased? We are stunned…blown away, and very grateful to our fans and all the people who made this possible!

Was it a conscious decision to turn back the clock a little with the style of this album?
Not so much, it is what we do best and we just feel that way.

How influential in the overall finished product was Andy Sneap?
Very, as he is so much in lock-step with Peter and me and Mark. We’re getting better by the hour.

You’ve worked with him on two previous albums – do you think he brings the best out of Accept?
We both bring the best out of each other. He absolutely knows when to come in and when to stay out!

Does the studio process become easier or more difficult as you get older?
Older?  ‘scuse me! We just started.  No, it gets harder because I am much more critical than I have ever been.

Do you take more time now in the studio than when the band were first starting out?
No, Peter and I have our celebrated routine and nothing has changed with that.

How do all of the band members get along these days when you’re spending so much time together touring?
We live very independent lives on tour, and off and we are very busy.

There’s an emotive song on the new album, ‘200 Years’, about the end of mankind? Do you think that day ever could come?
 Not anytime soon, because mankind is a tough breed. If we destroy our resources and pollute the planet [though] anything is possible.

How do German metal fans view Accept these days? Do you get the recognition at home you deserve?
I guess a #1 album is the answer!

Did you take much interest in the recent Berlin Wall celebrations to mark 25 years since the wall came down?
Interest, yes, but we had lived in America for years already when that happened; but of course we are very interested.

Was the East/West thing ever an influence on the band politically?

acceptIf Blind Rage was your last record would you be happy to let it speak for Accept?
You are frightening me, the last album???? I could only answer this if it would be the last album. We are on top of the world right now! We have quite a few classics, but Blind Rage sure is a hint where we’re going. The best one is hopefully yet to come!


Blind Rage is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Tickets for London’s live date, 27-11-14, are available here

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