Recently, Henry Vasquez, drummer for doom-godfathers Saint Vitus, spoke with Zero Tolerance magazine regarding the band’s new album and upcoming tour plans.  Saint Vitus – who also features founding members Dave Chandler (guitar) and Mark Adams (bass) along with vocalist Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich – recently finished the recording of their new album, ‘Lillie: F65,’ which is set to be released in Europe on 27 April and in North America in early May, due to ‘manufacturing issues.’  The video for the song “Let Them Fall” was released this week and can be viewed here.


“Lillie: F65” is the band’s first full-length album since 1995’s “Die Healing,” and is described by Vasquez as a “Melvins’ ‘Houdini’ vibe sound on it.  It’s a classic vibe. … Dave (Chandler) says its more like ‘Mournful Cries,’ but with a much bigger drum sound than they’ve ever had.”


The recording was handled by Tony Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator) and certainly left a strong impression on the band.  “We toured with Stone Axe before” continues Vasquez.  “He knew what we wanted and he studied all the records and he’s like ‘OK, I have everything in my head ….  I’ll do my best to mix it and you guys can just come back in and tell me what you think.’ And it was pretty much golden.”  So far, a few tracks have been released online as either a single or video, and it certainly leaves rabid Vitus fans curious on the entire finished product, especially this writer.  “It’s exactly what we wanted.  I was a little nervous that I was gonna leave unhappy about it or with mixed feelings about it afterward.  But man, I’ve tried to complain to myself about it, but I can’t seem to find anything to really complain about.”


Vasquez joined the band in 2009 after the departure of original drummer Armando Acosta (who passed away in November 2010), and immediately fell into the ranks seamlessly, despite having a trial by fire initiation gig “at Hellfest in between Motley Crue and Heaven and Hell.”  Even though he has some large shoes to fill, Vasquez seems to take it in stride, saying “A lot of people are like ‘Whoa, you better do this’ or ‘You better do that’ so I try to make sure I do all the Armando nuances and still try to keep it heavy.  To me, it’s a lot of fun, and everyone seems to have a good time.  We’re all together, we’re a band, and we’re all having fun.  We’ve got a lot of stuff ahead of us this year.”


It certainly is a dream come true of sorts (at least for me) to have the mighty Saint Vitus back in full-swing after such a long absence.  I first discovered the band in 2003 and had to clamour to find anything of theirs to listen to, as they were still pretty obscure.  Thankfully, as things come back full circle, Vitus is fully resurrected, and frankly it’s about damn time.  To sum up the fact that the band is still viable and fully capable of kicking ass, Vasquez simply states “They stayed true to what they did, and its genuine.  Those dudes are who they are.”


The full interview with Henry Vasquez can be viewed here.

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