ZT EXCLUSIVE: CRESCENT ‘The Order of Amenti’ full album stream

ZT have teamed up with our friends at Listenable Records to bring you an exclusive advance listen to the upcoming album The Order of Amenti from Egyptian death metallers Crescent.

Speaking about the album, vocalist guitarist Ismaeel commented “We dedicate this album to Egypt to pay our homage to this land where all the civilization rose and developed, This heritage that is owned by not only Egyptians but the whole world today. Crescent liked to present 8 songs where each song is about a different ancient Egyptian deity/god. Where each represent an aspect of life from Vengeance,Rebellion and Chaos to absolute Justice and Wisdom.”

CRESCENT was formed in 1998 by Ismaeel Attallah and Amr Mokhtar with the infatuation by bands like Death, Bolt Thrower and particularly the Swedish Black Metal scene.

Reaching a new level of maturity in striking a new balance between aggression and melody, ‘The Order of Amenti’ is a tribute to the Ancient Egyptian gods. It is their thought of contribution to Egypt and to the Metal world as they have always wanted to create something to pay homage to their history and country.

The album is based on Egyptian mythology; it lyrically and musically manifests the divine nature of the ancient Egyptian gods’ attributes. Such characteristics reflect upon many principals that deal with today’s issues, conveyed through an epic soundscape with ethnic Egyptian musical scales/instruments.

Release date 09/02/18

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