We’re pleased to give you the chance to check out a new track from Solefald. Entitled ‘Bububu Bad Beuys’, this oddball example is taken from the band’s new album World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud. The clue’s in the title as this album, their first in four years, is designed to take the listener on a journey, which throws together raw Norwegian black metal, Dutch techno and African folk and rhythms.

Following close behind 2014’s Norrønasongen. Kosmopolis Nord, its release on 2 February 2015 will mark the band’s 20th year, and this new album sees Solefald return to 1999’s postmodern album Neonism, both lyrically and musically. At the centre of the new album concept lies the idea of the Kosmopolis, or the World City. In antiquity, Athens and then Rome were seen as the capitals of the world; in modern times, cities such as Paris, London and Berlin have all competed to be the Kosmopolis. It is fitting then that the album was recorded in Norway and Tanzania, travelling to London to be mixed and tape mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studio.

World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud also features a number of guest appearances, from Baard Kolstad (Borknagar, ICS Vortex), Alexander Bøe (In vain), Petter Hallaråker (Rendezvous Point) and Sindre Nedland (In Vain, Funeral), to Anania Ngoliga of Zanzibar, a renowned player in the world music scene, who joins on the kalimba and guitar. Anyway, the proof’s in the listening, so here you are:

Solefald is:
Lazare Nedland – Voice, Keys, Drums
Cornelius Jakhelln – Voice, Guitar, Bass

World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud is out on 2 February via Norways’ Indie Recordings.


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