Dispose of your talismans for phony deities, for here is the only protection you need from the false. Amulet, a heavy metal holocaust from London, is currently honing its Black Magic Attack to strike live soon. They’ve just unleashed their 1st demo, “Cut The Crap”, which features 4 mighty curses. ZT invoked Steven Heathen to learn more about these sons of Satan…


How did the formation of Amulet come about?

The band was born out of insignificant cosmic necessity. Wil Dozer and Steven initially formed the idea of the band based on a mutual love of ‘real metal’ sometime in 2010. Soon afterwards our friends Dave Sherwood and Jamie were inevitably drawn in by the magnetic force of Amulet’s steel. It all happened very naturally and everything is very easy because it is meant to be so!

What is the significance of the name Amulet, is there a meaning behind it?

Wil came up with it and it was obvious that it was the right name. It’s a great word and can be used to describe anything that is used for protection. It also sounds like we sound – a heavy metal band with an interest in magic.


What are some of your main influences, musical and non-musical?

We’re into all good rock, heavy rock and metal from the ‘60s through to the late ‘80s sound. But overall our main influence is the NWOBHM and that era of heavy metal generally. 1979-1982 is arguably the best era for this type of music. It was raw and heavy enough before the Bay Area brats got hold of it. We listen to so much metal that the sound comes out very naturally. We have an interest in the typical things that always feed into this type of music, like horror, the occult and girls.

Tell us about the recording of the demo 

We spent the morning opening a portal to the 8th layer and then recorded all the music in one day for £100. Our own very talented Jamie Leven was at the helm and a 1981 Marshall JCM gave us more than enough warm guitar power. It was an enjoyable and easy recording. We’re writing more songs now. They’re faster.

The demo has some really evil riffs, what was your inspiration for writing these, and the music in general?

Thanks, like I say we just listen to a lot of rock and metal from Venom through to Uriah Heep and we use our limited skills to try and come up with fresh sounding riffs that are as dark and nasty as possible. Just the way He likes it!

How can we get a hold of the demo?

We have copies available from us on our Facebook page or email and a few people are asking to distribute them too so they will be around and about in caves and behind rocks in dank, forbidden corners.

With so many true/trad metal bands going these days, what does Amulet bring to the table?

We bring our humble heathen nuggets and good thymes to the feast. We’re simply another band fighting the fight we believe to be right. To overthrow the overlords!

What are your plans/visions for the band? 

Plans are for Christians. We just want to have a laugh whilst fighting for heavy metal using whatever tools we have close to hand.
What’s next for Amulet?

We will paint a back drop, write a lot more songs and play as many shows as we can (particularly outside London). It would be cool to take some acid in the woods in Sweden maybe.


Kneel at the altar HERE

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