Greek pioneers Zemial are looking for a synthesizer-player to complete their lineup.


Main-man Archon Vorskaath spoke to ZT about the challenge of finding suitable musicians, and warns that auditioning for Zemial is no walk in the park.


“It really is a strange predicament. People who have come to Zemial wanting to join the band, have quite obviously listened to the music superficially, saying ‘yeah I can headbang to this, I can do it’. They come a rehearsal, I ask them to improvise, we talk about scales, symmetrical times and a variety of other musical matters… and they’re totally out of their depth. So it seems that a standard metal player will not suit this band. I normally have worked with people who are very well technically versed coming from a death metal background, or with people who come from outside metal altogether; and luckily now I’m playing with a jazz guitarist who happens to have a thing for extreme metal. I’m very fortunate. It is very difficult to find musicians outside of metal who have a certain degree of technical ability and understanding, and ask them to play in a metal group.


“That has been the challenge since the group’s very inception, basically. If you consider how many members I’ve been through, it’s actually quite hilarious. Every tour has had a different lineup, almost every concert has a different lineup.


“I don’t know how many musicians I’ve played with. I don’t know how many people have come and not cut the mustard, left with their tail between their legs. The number is just massive. And I’m really sorry for that, as I’d really like to find an awesome musicians to play with for the long-term. It’s very, very challenging.


“I’m on the lookout for musicians who actually have something to say – who have a voice – and who would hopefully be able to express that with what we do here.”


Zemial have re-located to Greece. Contact: zemial@turelur.de


Third album ‘Nykta’ is out now via HHR.


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