Swedish old school crust/death metal outlaws Usurpress are about to release their first ever mini CD “In Permanent Twilight”, due out May 1st on Poland’s SelfMadeGod Records. It was originally released, and is still available, as a 12” in December 2011 via Plague Island Records (but was recorded as early as Oct 2010).


Vocalist/lyricist Steffe Pettersson told ZT there’s more to come from the band later this year. “The mini-album is a “transition record” of sorts. We had begun to break away a bit from the primitive d-beat deathcrust we played on our demo but we were still quite rooted in that style. We’re still proud of that record though, it has a lot of great songs.
On the next recording, split-7” EP’s with fellow Swedes Bombs of Hades and Pyramido we have developed our style a bit and by the time we recorded our debut album “Trenches of the Netherworld” in March 2011 we had reached our initial goals of combining old school death with brutal crust core and incorporating elements of psychedelia and prog rock. The experimental stuff is limited to unorthodox chord changes and guitar melodies/harmonies. We’re still mostly interested in playing brutal deathcrust.
Usurpress are focused on songs, real songs with real riffs, rather than a “sound” or a “style”, hence the rather short songs, few guitar solos and “primitive” arrangements. We’re only interested in making a good song and making sure that all the different parts in the song flow well together, everything else is immaterial for us”.


“Trenches of the Netherworld” will be released beginning of June 2012 on SelfMadeGod (CD) and Iconoclast Records (vinyl). The realease will be backed by a European tour with Italian 1985-death metal worshippers Barbarian.


Photo by Soile Siirtola/

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