Yes, yes, we all know who they are so no big introductions required. Instead, we’re pleased to report that we’ve joined forces with Napalm Records to unveil Cavalera Conspiracy‘s new video for the track ‘Spectral War’, taken from their brand new Psychosis album which has been released TODAY!

“Our new video ‘Spectral War’ was directed by the great tattoo artist, Paul Booth. It focuses on the idea of manipulating war through the ages! I’m very excited for the release of Psychosis! Death/thrash Metal is back to set the world on fire!!!” says a pumped Max Cavalera, who’s clearly pleased with the results. Have a watch for yourself and see what you think.

And for those who scratched their heads when we said no introductions were needed, Max and Iggor Cavalera formed the legendarily trailblazing thrash metal band Sepultura as teenagers together in 1983. Across six studio albums the Brazilian punishers perfected the art of darkness and extreme music with thrash classics such as Beneath The Remains, Arise and Chaos AD, while exploring the underbelly of third world political issues and broadening the genre’s horizons with an exploration of indigenous culture, culminating with the landmark Roots album in 1996. A decade after Max left Sepultura and meanwhile released seven successful records with Soulfly, then the two brothers got back together and teamed up with guitarist Marc Rizzo in 2006 to form Cavalera Conspiracy; a mixture of speed and aggression, thrash power and fierce riffage.

Psychosis is the fourth instalment from the band and dives deep into the mire of human panic and anxiety states. According to the label, this is the soundtrack to your worst sickness, a most sinister thrash-psychoses that rip the scabs from old wounds. With Psychosis Cavalera Conspiracy are able to reanimate the intensity of the good old ’80s thrash, black and death metal. These brothers have outlived all the crazy eras of metal and remain more stable and frightening than ever.

Psychosis tracklist
1. Insane
2. Terror Tactics
3. Impalement Execution
4. Spectral War
5. Crom
6. Hellfire
7. Judas Pariah
8. Psychosis
9. Excruciating

Band lineup
Max Cavalera – Vocals, Guitar
Iggor Cavalera – Drums & Percussion
Marc Rizzo – Guitar
Arthur Rizk – Bass, Noise, Synth

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