Nearly 20 years after its release, Pantera’s “Vulgar Display of Power” album is set to be re-issued with an additional bonus track, “Piss,” a never before relased song demoed by the band and never used.


Vinnie Paul recently spoke with Loudwire, saying:

The reissue has a song called ‘P-ss‘, which I had forgotten about it. Some parts of it were taken for other songs, and at the time, it was the only song that did not make the record. In Pantera, we never had songs that didn’t make the record. If we were going to write 11 songs, then we’d write 11 quality songs. Some bands write 40 songs and then hope they have nine good ones in the bunch. That sucks. Why not concentrate on writing 9 great ones and forget the 31 others? Anyway, this song, at the time, didn’t feel right to go on the record, so we put it on the shelf. When I started digging through archives, we were happy with it. It is the only undiscovered complete Pantera track there ever was and it will be part of the package. It should be cool to hear the first new thing from the band since 2000.


“Vulgar Display of Power” was originally released in February 1992 while the band was signed with Atco Records, peaking at number 44 on the Billboard charts and going on to achieve double-platinum status, Pantera’s only album to do so.  Rumor has it that the “Vulgar Display of Power” re-issue will be due in April.


Pantera originally formed in Arlington, TX in 1981 by brothers Vinnie Paul and the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott.  The band released three glam metal albums between 1983 and 1985 with vocalist Terry Glaze, who would be replaced by Phil Anselmo in 1987 and remained the band’s vocalist until their disbanding in 2003 due to ‘personal issues’ within the group.  Following their break-up, the band engaged in a very public war of words between the Abbott Brothers and Phil Anselmo about conditions in the band and what supposedly lead to the band’s break-up.  Anselmo would go on to form Superjoint Ritual as well as continue his project Down, while the Abbotts formed Damageplan.  Unfortunately, any chance of Pantera reforming would be eliminated on December 8, 2004 when Dimebag Darrell was tragically and unexpectedly murdered on stage while Damageplan was performing in Columbus, OH.

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