The wine of Satan?

Satyricon frontman Sigurd ‘Satyr’ Wongraven just can’t get enough of middle-classed values it seems… this month he’s released his own wine range. Bearing an illustration of the horned one, bottles of the devilish brew surfaced after he joined forces with Luca Roagna, a fifth-generation winemaker from Piedmont, Italy. The illustriously titled ‘Langhe Rosso Alleanza Nero di Wongraven 2009’ and ‘Barolo Unione Nero di Wongraven 2006’ were allegedly chosen by Satyr from the Roagna family cellar. The duo met when Satyricon were on tour in Italy during 2003. In an interview with, Satyr said: “When I explain my role in the process to musician friends who have no knowledge of wine, I tell them that Luca created the songs and recorded the album, while I mixed it. I think that people who know me understand why I have chosen to lend my name name to these wines – I have made wines that I am proud of.” Let’s hope he did a better job than KISS.

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