There’s only one way to sum up The Guilt 0f…; it is the soundtrack to someone spiking your Nyquil with acid and you feel like you are descending to Hell.  Plain and simple.


Recently, The Guilt 0f… have previewed a track, “Lie Detector,” streaming via Cvlt Nation, as a teaser to their newly released “Isolation Room” LP, now available on Last Hurrah Records.  The band, comprised of Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod) and Ryan McKern (ex-Wolvhammer), state in their own words that their existence is “to dissolve pre-conceived notions of what a band should sound and present” and clearly dish this out in massive spoonfuls.  Their sound is sickeningly dark and hellish, with misanthropic lyrics sounding as if they are being blasted forth by the sadistic side of your brain.  It certainly isn’t for the weak, and in the end proves that an idle mind is indeed the Devil’s workshop.


“Isolation Room” is the 7th creation from The Guilt of… and was released on May 30.  This album is extremely limited to 500 vinyl copies.  Overall, it is “always the wrong thing to say.”

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