Swedish Doom ‘n’ Roll band Egonaut premiere new video with ZT

We have teamed up with our friends over at Mighty Music to bring you the video premiere from Swedish doom ‘n’ roll band Egonaut.

EGONAUT, the Swedish Doom ‘n’ Roll connoisseurs, return to the sonic maelstrom that is streaming music media with the new single “INITIUM”.

Mellotrons and organs set the scene followed by crushing drums, heavy guitars and soaring vocals giving the listeners a taste of what is to come from EGONAUT.

Intended as a preview of the upcoming album, INITIUM continues down the musical path from EGONAUT’s previous full length album DELUMINATI – albeit a draped in more doom and gloom.


Egonaut’s fourth album “THE OMEGA” will be out on Mighty Music in 2017.

Egonaut are:
Emil Kyrk – Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius – Guitars
Mikael Bielinski – Bass
Dennis Zielinski – Keyboards
Markus Johansson – Drums



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