‘Paled Puppet’ is the first extract of the upcoming To Descend debut EP due on Chaos Records. People Of The Abyss marks the grand and long-awaited return of veteran Swedish death metal growler of Megaslaughter fame. The last time we heard of him was with the Deranged side-project with whom he recorded two EPs back in 1996 and 1997 before seemingly dropping off the face of the earth. Until now…

“I never lost interest in the music,” he confesses, “but after moving back from Malmö, where the Murder Corporation guys were based, to my hometown of Gothenburg, it seems being in a band wasn’t that fun anymore. I wasn’t really in the scene, which was pretty depressing anyway then, so nobody else asked me to join their band after that. I was, and still am, happy to buy records and go to gigs but didn’t feel the urge to do my own thing, really. Until Rogga came out of nowhere and asked to do vocals for this.”

The Paganizer and man-of-a-thousand-bands reached out to him, saying he had those classic sounding death metal songs recorded with Travis Ruo from Cropsy Maniac on drums. “I was quite surprised and, to be fully honest, a bit doubtful it could work but I recorded with my good friend Peter Wallberg (Void Moon, Assassin Blade) who helped a lot. I had actually so much fun that the two of us also started an old school thrash/death project together called Atraptor with whom we’re also due to record a demo very soon. Whiskey played a big part, eh eh!”

While the release date of People Of The Abyss has been set for April 16, To Descend are already due to record an actual full-length next summer for which Jens is working on lyrics for as we speak.


Words: Zoltar

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