Stellar Master Elite stream new album with ZT

Coming 01 October from Essential Purification Records is the new masterpiece from Stellar Master Elite. And you can get a preview of the whole album right here at ZT!

The astral void. A cold, harsh and unforgiving place, but filled with such cosmic beauty that it has inspired artists in uncountable areas of art and music. It forces us to question our place on earth, and the essence of time itself.

German troupe Stellar Master Elite have drawn from this potent source to fuel their upcoming third album, III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter. A captivating blend of regal black metal and crushing doom metal, complete with swirling ambient drones plucked from the stars themselves, this hour-long journey is a harsh reflection of man’s own relationship with the sky above and the passage of ages.

From the angular and sci-fi-driven rumble of “Desperate Grandeur” to the tribal ambient stretch in “Perdition Time Loop”, the triumphant march of “The First Principle” to the majestic unfolding title track, III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter is an incredible milestone in German black metal history, an album with a legacy as old as the cosmos itself.





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