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SPOILER ALERT: Issue 095’s crossword answers

Check how you did with this issue’s crossword – or cheat. The choice is yours.

2.Band with Release Of The Issue in the review section
5.Name of Benighted’s vocalist/lyricist (2 words)
6.Infamous Australian band who recently started working on new material (2 words)
8.The Behemoth album featuring the track ‘As Above, So Below’ (3 words)
10.Person behind Perdition Temple (2 words)
13.Name of first track on this issue’s covermount CD (2 words)
16.Artist featured this issue (2 words)
18.Doom pioneer featured this issue: YRDADEHONLN (2 words)
19.New band featuring members of now-defunct Morbus Chron

1.Where was Carach Angren’s album listening session held in Germany? (2 words)
3.Record label of the band Svart Crown (2 words)
4.Drummer on Centurian’s Liber Zar Zax (4 words)
5.Keyboard player for the band Kull (2 words)
7.Name of Steve Austin’s band (4 words)
9.Country this issue’s Notes From Underground focuses on
11.Thrash/death act from Denmark who featured Chris Kontos on drums
12.Person on issue 067 of ZT’s cover (2 words)
14.Place in Norway that Ihsahn is native to
15.My Dying Bride’s bass player (2 words)
17.Number of members in Saltas

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