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SPOILER ALERT: Issue 094’s crossword answers

We promised to add these online, so here you have them – answers to issue 094’s Rush themed crossword.

6.First name of Rush’s long-time manager
9.Fender ‘knock-off’ guitar used by Alex Lifeson in the 1980s (2 words)
11.Name of Neil Peart’s drum teacher (1990s) (2 words)
12.Name of Permanent Waves’ album cover model (2 words)
15.Famous prog band who like Rush – a lot (2 words)
16.City in which Rush played their last live show (2 words)
17.Alex Lifeson’s solo album title
18.Neil Peart’s favourite mode of transport
19.Japanese costume worn by Rush in the ’70s
20.Fictional character from Mark Twain’s novel and title of one of Rush’s best known songs (2 words)

1.Bass pedals used by Geddy Lee on Moving Pictures
2.Name of Neil Peart’s signature cymbal line
3.’I can’t pretend a stranger is a….’ complete the lyrics (3 words)
4.Rush’s swansong album (2 words)
5.Last song on Fly By Night (3 words)
7.Legal first name of Rush frontman “Geddy” Lee
8.Main title of Neil Peart’s 2002 book (2 words)
10.Legendary drummer whose tribute Neil Peart played at (2 words)
13.Rush sang about a red one of these on 1981’s Moving Pictures album
14.Producer of Rush during the late ’80s/early-’90s (2 words)

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