Finnish heavy rock maniacs Speedtrap have been torturing sound systems since 2007. Fronting this aural assault since the beginning was singer Jori Sara-aho… until now!


On 24 November 2015 Speedtrap shared the news on that Jori has decided to leave the band for personal reasons. The news is followed by the singer’s statement:


“It’s time to say goodbye. After lengthy and careful consideration, I’ve decided to leave Speedtrap. I’ve found that I enjoy touring less than I used to and I don’t want to be the one holding back a band this great. You need passion and a strong work ethic to endure the rigours of touring, so when you find yourself lacking, it’s time to step aside. I will definitely miss these times. All you maniacs who came to the shows and gave it all you got made it worth the time. Those are moments I will never forget. Thanks to all who gave me a place to sleep, cooked some food, gave out flyers, set up shows, bought a record or supported us in any other way. Lastly, thanks to Speedtrap for the years, I hope you the best possible future. Long live the loud!



“The GOOD NEWS”, the band continues, “is that we’ll be trying out a new singer early next year, and all being well we’ll be able to continue rocking out at breakneck speed in 2016! For those who are interested in catching the Straight Shooter -lineup live one last time, there’s still a couple chances. Speedtrap will be playing two shows at Svart Festival this weekend in Helsinki and Jyväskylä, and one final Straight Shooter show in Bar Loose, Helsinki on January 15th 2016. After January 15th we’ll focus on writing new material and trying out the new lineup”.


Those who witnessed Speedtrap in their recent tour with Amulet (or at London’s Live Evil Fest) have hopefully managed to get their heads back in place by now.

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