Skinless Are No More

In 1992 death metal would never be the same because two completely different bands, Skinless Butt Portions (a metal band with comedic lyrics) and Gorebag (death metal) would ban together to create what would be known as Skinless.

Over the span of their career they were quite known for their intense performances as well as for their lyrical content that mixed together the end-of-the-world mayhem with comedy outcomes which would take on lyrics from such acts as Carcass and Cannibal Corpse. These lyrical themes are demonstrated in songs such as “The Optimist,” about a crumbling human society, and “Tug of War Intestines,” which depicts children playing schoolyard games with a surgery patient’s internal organs. Recently, the band has occasionally brought the “Skinless Girl” on stage and let her be roughed up, covered in fake blood, while the band performed. Earlier in their careers, Skinless handed out long tubes of foam for the moshers to beat each other with while the band played. These tubes were nicknamed, “The Logs of Brutality”.

In 1998 would be the year that their debut album “Progression Towards Evil” would be released independently and had gained them praise from all metal critics alike. Since then they have gone on to release four albums with their most recent being “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” (2006). But as the saying goes, “all things must come to an end” and this goes into saying that founding guitarist Noah Carpenter would have to put into perspective. According to the band’s MySpace the band has decided to go their separate ways and disband the band that had been at for a solid 19 years. Skinless was an act unlike any other and will forever be one that you shall not regret.

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