Floridian death metal goliaths Six Feet Under have revealed the details of their forthcoming record ‘Undead’ scheduled for release in the UK on May 21st. The album will be the first to feature the all new Six Feet Under line-up, ex- Brain Drill bassist Jeff Hughell, former Chimaira guitarist Rob Arnold and drummer Kevin Talley (who has contributed his maniacal tub-thumping abilities to a fistful of bands notably Dying Foetus, Misery index and Chimaira) joining the seasoned duo of vocalist Chris Barnes and guitarist Steve Swanson. Just to wet your appetites Barnes and Co. have posted up the first single ‘Formaldehyde’ from the new album.


It appears Barnes went into the studio in a pretty positive mind-set for the recording of ‘Undead’ and was pleased with the results of his work. “I’m in pretty much the best headspace I’ve been in since myself and (former guitarist) Allen West started this band in 1993. I’m super excited about the new record. It’s a rejuvenation; it’s a rebirth of Six Feet Under, and fans will definitely latch on to my excitement and how focused I am in the lyrics I’ve written… The hypocrisies of daily life, things that affect us that spawn aggression, loneliness, sadness, there’s a lot of emotions going on across the record, and I guess that the dark horror that humans cause is my niche.”


With the new line-up, a new record and a summer tour schedule that will see them head over to Europe for dates at Summer Breeze amongst others, it’s not hard to see why Barnes is psyched. In all fairness one listen to the new track will leave the legion of Six Feet Under fans ‘champing at the bit’ in anticipation.


For the full album artwork and track listing from ‘Undead’, see below:


01. Frozen At the Moment of Death
02. Formaldehyde
03. 18 Days
04. Molest Dead
05. Blood On My Hands
06. Missing Victims
07. Reckless
08. Near Death Experience
09. The Scar
10. Delayed Combustion Device
11. Vampire Apocalypse
12. The Depths of Depravity




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