Sigh unveil first single from new live album

Inspirational Japanese trio Sigh have shared the video for the first single from their forthcoming live album/DVD. The track is ‘Mayonaka no Kaii’ which features on Live: The Eastern Forces of Evil 2022 to be released by Peaceville Records on 16 June. 

The song is based around a disconcerting experience that mainman Mirai Kawashima went through when at precisely 00:00am he was woken up and after a quick trip to the bathroom, quickly returned to his slumber. Yet, despite what felt like a few hours, he woke up with the clock still showing 00:00am. Thinking the battery in his clock was dead, he looked at his phone and to his surprise there it was, 00:00am as well. 

The inimitable performer recalls: “The song is based on my eerie experience, and is my favourite track off Shiki that was released last year. It has all the elements Sigh have from hammond solo, shakuhachi solo, flute solo, vocoder and so on. Also it definitely is a fun-to-play song. The adrenalin starts to flow towards the ending!

“I’m not a person, who easily confuses dreams and reality. I clearly remember going to the toilet at the first alarm, and I took the watch out of the room after the second one, so neither of these was a dream.  This was the first experience in my life which I cannot logically explain at all. It was SO scary. If you have a similar story, let me know.”

You can enjoy the video for ‘Mayonaka no Kaii’ right here…

Live: The Eastern Forces of Evil 2022 will be released on a 2 disc CD/DVD set, LP and Digitally. It is available to  preorder here

Sigh have confirmed they will be performing at two festivals later in the year, the first at Samhain Festival in the Netherlands, followed by two separate sets over the Damnation weekend in Manchester on 3/4 November.

The cult Japanese black metal legends formed in 1989/90, featuring mainman Mirai Kawashima, Satoshi Fujinami & Kazuki Ozeki. Following initial demos, Shinichi Ishikawa was brought in to the band. It was following this shift that 

Sigh set about recording the masterpiece debut Scorn Defeat for the then-Mayhem guitarist Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence Productions, going on to become one of the country’s greatest and most revered metal exports.

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Damnation Festival

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