sepulchralBritish/Cypriot/Finnish death metal monsters Sepulchral Temple are getting a CD release of their debut EP.


Originally released in 2013 on 12″ vinyl by Iron Bonehead Productions, Sepulchral Temple’s self-titled EP will be released internationally on CD on November 24th via Invictus Productions.


According to a press release,”‘Sepulchral Temple’ displays a young ‘n’ hungry power-trio hellbent on doom ‘n’ destruction. Staggering in their sheer psychic weight, almost gibbering in their hideous intensity, Sepulchral Temple contort classicist death metal tropes to their own diabolical design, rearranging the coordinates and shooting them through with beyond-the-shade dread. Sepulchral Temple’s contemporaries could be pointed to as Grave Miasma, Scythian, Cruciamentum, The One, Sheol, and Craven Idol among others, but the bubbling cauldron they stir across the two towering tracks and attendant intros that comprise ‘Sepulchral Temple’ is sonically all their own.”

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