Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies, risen from the ashes of The Devil’s Blood, sees Selim Lemouchi’s discover new musical realms. The band have finished recording, mixing and mastering five songs for their debut album “Earth Air Spirit Water Fire” out due 7 December 2013.


Selim’s new coven was founded in February 2013. The band’s name may imply who the main man is, but “for the first time, Lemouchi brought together a bright and burning throng of people into the fold of his inspiration. Not telling anyone what exactly to do, not deciding this way or the other beforehand and not taking back any of his decisions once they were made, he ventured into what was for him the most adventurous recording session of his life,” reads an official statement.


Indeed, his enemies are many, in fact there’s a whole 9 of them featured on “Earth Air Spirit Wind Fire”, including producer Lemouchi’s “new sparring partner and old friend” Robby Geerings and The Devil’s Blood voice Farida Lemouchi.


Commenting on the recording process, the statement continues: “Quite arguably there has never been a record made by Lemouchi that has so many imperfections, outright mistakes and unintended sounds to become essential to its totality. These spontaneous and unplanned artifacts have become as important as the calculated effect of the arrangements and the musicianship. The album is, at exactly the same time, monstrously large as well as delicately small”.


The album’s release will be marked by a special event in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The night will include two performances from the band, comprising of a new songs and an improvisational live cinema performance by Jerome Siegelaer, art by Max Rovers and Selim Lemouchi and a DJ set by Walter Roadburn. The exposition part of the event continues at The Temporary Art Center on 7, 13, 14 and 15 of December 2013. The final date will be marked by a performance of Selim and some enemies. “This concert will be a very special thing as we are planning on letting go of all our rock n roll, sturm und drang, desperation and angst to focus on nothing but waves and weaves of endless sound, abstracted soundscapes and enveloping ambience. This will likely not be something done often, so if you are in town, come by to join us in this meditation,” he comments on the band’s facebook page.



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