ScythianScythian, the London-based extreme metal destroyers, welcome new member to their folds. T.Wraith of Sheol has replaced B. Iron of Monumentomb on the guitar as of 15 December 2015.

Scythian were formed in 2004 and, after their demo Suffering To The Conquered paved the way, they utterly crushed the metal underground with their debut album To Those Who Stand Against Us (2009). Their second album, Hubris In Excelsis takes everything several steps ahead and is one of the most serious propositions when it comes to an intelligent and passionate mix of black, death and thrash metal.

After their four-year hiatus between their split with Kawir (2011) and 2015’s Hubris In Excelsis, Scythian seem to have geared up for world domination. Decisive steps towards this are being taken, including lineup changes. First it was the addition of D from Grave Miasma, Adorior and more on the drums (“an absolute sadist behind the kit” as Scythian describe him) and now the addition of T.Wraith on guitar.

The band comments: “Another lineup change in the Scythian camp. We’d like to say goodbye and good luck to our old comrade B. Iron, who has helped us a great deal in the last few months and will be returning to writing duties with Monumentomb. We’ve recruited a new live guitarist, T. Wraith (aka Tom McKenna) of SHEOL for our live dates in 2016. T recently returned from a US tour with our friends in Malthusian.” Watch out!

For a limited time, you can find the Scythian discography for 40% off on their bandcamp.

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