scythian - band 2014 smallWar masters Scythian return with their second full-length. The as-yet-untitled successor to To Those Who Stand Against Us is being prepared, to be released by Hell’s Headbangers.

London’s Scythian formed in London in 2004 to unleash a blackened barrage of epically-spirited death/thrash metal upon the world. Following the release of their first demo, Suffering To The Conquered, the then-trio was joined by Alexandros (Macabre Omen, The One) for their first full-length, a split-release with Kawir and a number of crushing live appearances.


The first UK extreme metal band to sign with Hell’s Headbangers, Scythian are back again as a the original trio: vocalist/bassist S. Vrath, guitarist A. Von Moller, and drummer J.C. Volgard. Recordings will commence in November 2014 at Priory Studios in Birmingham, supervised by Esoteric ’s Greg Chandler (whose past works include bands like Grave Miasma, Indesinence and Adorior).


Scythian state:  “After ten years of fighting tooth and nail, we’ve finally come out on top. Times have been hard, but they’ve bred a new kind of band – one that will follow its ambitions to the ends of the earth. We are immensely proud to announce our pact with Hell’s Headbangers. This is a historic day for us and for the resurgent UK scene. Scythian is a metaphor for the unorthodox, relentless, and unfashionable sounds of London. Though the trends of the last ten years have always stood against us, we have endured and prospered. Let this album be our revenge on the mediocre and self-indulgent work of our times. Many bands talk of being individual, of ‘having their own sound.’ We have never known anything but our own path. The coming album will establish Scythian as a strong and independent force.”


Scythian will be joined by B. Iron (Monumentomb, ex-Spearhead) for upcoming live appearances.


Scythian will commission Czech artist Blanka Dvorak to do the artwork.


Check out the preview of the upcoming album here:

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