It’s always nice to hear that a band’s going into the studio.  You’ve overplayed their last album to shit, you’re frantically tearing through the back-catalogue looking for one song on a forgotten B-Side that you haven’t yet played to oblivion. Maybe that’s too melodramatic, but the point stands: Norwegian black metal legends Satyricon are going back into the studio in February to record their eighth album.  And this is a very good thing.

This album marks the first new material to have come from Satyricon in around four years; their latest album, ‘The Age of Nero’ was released in 2008.  This marks the end of the break the band took in 2009 to avoid the “clusterfuck of events” that comes with the traditional record company cycle: “write, rehearse, record, promote, tour, finish,” rinse and repeat.

You can head down to Unholy in Oslo (one of a few venues in the city they’ll be playing) and hear the new material’s live premiere; however, if you aren’t keen on leaving the country, you’ll have to wait.  There’s no news of any UK touring yet.

It’s overplayed, but here’s KING.

Photo found at Metal Area.

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