Sadistic Intent prepare to descend on London….

Morbid Angle Promotions presents:
Sadistic Intent | Sijjin | Adorior | Necromaniac
30th July, 2022
Electrowerkz, Angel, London

“Could this be the most explosive UK underground gig this side of a Russian nuke?” Who cares! The Americans are here… and we mean the wrong sort of Americans. US death metal masters Sadistic Intent will be in London to save our asses (from mediocrity) along with scary Germans called Sijjin – the new Necros Christos. They’ll be joined by Adorior and Necromaniac, two cult UK bands with a repertoire of face-melting anthems played in hybrid black ‘n’ death and you will most probably soil your pants. Your attendance will result in guaranteed excommunication from all world religions. Your soul shall be damned. Communion cancelled. Penitenziagite, et cetera.

Metal market and afterparty with DJs to celebrate the declaration of WW3. Attendees must be 18+ and willing to be used as cannon fodder. Sponsored by Zero Tolerance Magazine. 

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