Venomous Maximus


“The Mission” EP


Cutthroat Records


While I’m well aware that ‘volumous’ is not a word, I demand that it should be, specifically to charaterize the new EP by Houston, TX Occult Metallers Venomous Maximus.  “The Mission” is chock-full of riffs, lead breaks, foot stomping rhythms, and vocals that appear to come from a lost soul on his decent to hell.  In a time when each band tries to ‘out-metal’ the next guy, Venomous Maximus offer a breath of fresh air that isn’t centered on the usual metal dogma, and frankly, I needed it.  Its gritty, doomy, and perfectly presented in a no-frills, no-filler approach.


“The Mission” doesn’t waste time getting down to business and starts off with the track “The Living Dead” that pretty much immediately gets the listener jamming along with approval.  The rhythm of this track is just damn near hypnotic at times and sucks you in immediately.  But overall, it’s the second song, “Give Up The Witch,” that officially brings it all home and gets you headbanging in-time with the music and air-guitaring with the twin axe attack that Venomous Maximus performs as if they wrote the book on it, or at least a chapter.  Not all listeners hone in on the guitar work, especially if you aren’t a guitarist, but listening to this EP, you have no choice but to get schooled in the ways that band members should compliment one another in addition to the music.  No one gets overshadowed or hidden in the mix, and vocal, drum and lyric enthusiasts all have a piece of this specific puzzle.


The musicianship of this release is just damn near flawless.  Each song is crafted with riffs and patterns that get your attention, but aren’t rehashed to the point of boring you, like some Occultist bands beat to death.  While some bands have good luck with mixing the vocals into a spiral that comes from all angles, Venomous Maximus steer clear of this with a strong vocalist who knows how to compliment the tone of the song to the vocal output.  Best yet, this EP is high octane enough to energize you, instead of drag you down.  The stand-out track is no doubt the title cut, “The Mission,” that lyrically sets the band’s ethos into motion, and musically exhibits all of the strong points that Venomous Maximus behold.


So by now, your mission should be clear:

  1. Obtain “The Mission”
  2. Put in your player.
  3. Crank it up.
  4. Repeat often.


To score your copy of the latest from Venomous Maximus, click here.


Doug Palmitier – 5

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