Heavy metal’s biggest trial of recent history has just come to its end.  Randy Blythe, frontman and vocalist of supergroup Lamb of God has been acquitted of manslaughter.  Posting on his instagram account, Blythe wrote simply “I am a free man”.

The high profile trial resumed yesterday after court was adjourned in February as several witnesses, a criminal psychologist, a psychiatrist and a girl who was at the 2010 concert, could not attend. The psychiatrist and psychologist disagreed on how aggressive and antisocial Blythe actually is.

Blythe, on a previous Instagram posting, commented that he was ready for the verdict no matter what, and that he “categorically refuses to [allow himself to] live in a constant state of guilt and fear.  [He] would rather die.”

In May 2010, at a Lamb of God concert in Prague, Daniel Nosek (a fan) climbed onto the stage and died nearly a month after of injuries sustained after allegedly being pushed off the stage by Blythe.  The compensation figure demanded by the parents of the alleged victim was 10 million Czech Koruna (around £336000).

During the trial, it was noted that conditions at the concert were not up to standard: the barriers were too close to the stage.  Whether or not, like it is the tightrope walker’s duty to check the rope, it is the band’s responsibility to check the stage arrangements, Blythe has sworn that “I will do my best to ensure that conditions at this concert will not occur again with my band so that the fans will remain safe.”

The fact remains that a fan died at a show, and that is something the whole band will have to live with, but at least they can take solace that Blythe was not responsible.  Randy writes: “Please remember the family of Daniel Nosek in your thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.  I only wish them peace.”

The state prosecutors have announced that they intend to appeal, and have eight days to do so in writing.

Photo credit: The Gauntlet | E-Online

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