Swedish, Stockholm-based groovy death metal one-man project Putrified has now revealed the first song off the band’s second album “Neurotic Necrotic”. “The Return of Ashes” is available for streaming at PureGrainAudio.com.


The mastermind behind Putrified, A. Death, issued ZT with the following statement: “‘Neurotic Necrotic’ is more of an album than ‘Spawn Of The Dead’, both in terms of music and lyrics. In these days of mp3’s I think that it’s important to bring back the thought of an album as an entity and not just a bunch of single songs thrown together.
Lyric wise the album has a tale that is told throughout the album, from the first to the final track (King Diamond style). When it comes to the music itself I would say that this album has a lot more groove oriented riffs than the first album. Expect necrotic metal of death and decay!”


“Neurotic Necrotic” is slated for release next month via Poland’s Hellthrasher Productions.

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