Chilean/Scandinavian epic doom metal mongers PROCESSION have announced they are gearing up to start recording their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album. Vocalist and guitarist Felipe Plaza told ZT the follow-up to 2010’s “Destroyers of the Faith” will be recorded in the first two weeks of November.


“All is set”, claims Felipe. “We´re working on the last arrangements of the six songs which represent six different dimensions on our new album, titled ‘To Reap Heavens Apart’, to be released on High Roller Records early 2013. I must say that both musically and conceptually it’s our most challenging work to date, being that now we´re composing altogether with Jonas, Uno and Claudio. The words spoken deal with pretty personal issues of self-development and states of mind in the form of dark stories full of symbols, making the final result a slow journey in paths that many have travelled through before, but just a few seem to understand and appreciate. Musically… don´t expect much variation, the older the slower and heavier we get… always under the sign of old Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solstice, Count Raven, etc… with your always necessary quote of Iron Maiden and the likes… No wait, there´s nothing like Iron Maiden! But you know what I mean… We´ll be recording in November, by ourselves in the middle of the woods (somewhere in Sweden) with full line-up (the only way), to be mixed/mastered later on by P. Engel (Temple Of Disharmony, Germany), who did a killer job on the most recent 10” EP. Just last week we confirmed Claudio´s flight from Chile and also a gig with Pentagram (US) and Saturnalia Temple (Swe) in Stockholm, which should give us the organic punch necessary to make this album the beast we want it to be.
Overall, it´s been a dangerous and offensive journey to us, the way dark arts are supposed to be… and it’s just about to get worst! Meanwhile, make sure to get hold of a copy of the just released Death & Judgement 10” (Burn Records/ High Roller Records), featuring an advance version of a new song and a Scald cover… Doom Metal is DEATH!”


Procession’s take on Scald’s song “Nightsky”, originally featured on the legendary Russian band’s 1996 album “Will Of the Gods is Great Power”, is availablke for streaming at THIS LOCATION.

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