ZT PREMIERE: Arizona’s Fluids share their entire album ahead of its release on 4 June!

Some bands take it step by step, slowly working their way up. And other bands just come crashing down, as loud and as obnoxious as they can be. That’s exactly what FLUIDS have been doing one release at a time for the last three years. And believe us, there’s been a lot of them, like a lot.

Their third full-length, and first for Hells Headbangers, is a bit of a different beast though as next to their insanely fast goregrind and downtuned barbarity, they’ve now added some synthwave interludes which makes the whole thing even sicker and disturbing. FLUIDS are the musical equivalent of a snuff movie and we’re suspecting their guitarist Jan Grotle to do his best to fit that description.

Unlike most of the bands from that genre, we don’t use horror movies samples but audio samples from real videos, most of them I find on Reddit actually. A lot were from some old subreddits that have since been banned like r/gore or r/watchpeopledie. There aren’t too many sites left that host that kind of stuff anymore. Efukt.com is also a nice one for when you want less gory stuff.” Are the boys still so much in awe of Mortician as they used to in the past? “This might disappoint you but I started out the band just to mock some dubious claims someone we know liked to always make. I think Walter, who is in charge of the samplers and the keyboards, thought I was serious and offered to help and that’s how FLUIDS started. But to be honest, my original vision was for a sound closer to Refurgitate, the Mexican Disgorge or Slaughtercult-era Exhumed. And when I started writing this was just the sound that came out.

We’ll let you decide if those boys are serious about being hacked up for barbecue or not but in the meantime, enjoy this exclusive in advance streaming of their forthcoming album Not Dark Yet, about to be released through Hells Headbangers. And please, don’t try this at home.

Order from: http://fluids-az.bandcamp.com/album/not-dark-yet

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