We’re pleased to premiere a new track from Phantom Winter from their upcoming album Into Dark Science. Following up from CVLT (2015) and Sundown Pleasures (2016), Phantom Winter return with new album Into Dark Science they now follow-up, which they say delivers “more brute force than ever”. With their third full-length Phantom Winter feel that they have discovered a new language to express extreme heaviness – channelling depression, anger and severity – where they believe other bands from the same genre have already resigned. 

Speaking about the track streaming here the band comments: “‘Ripping Halos From Angels’ might be our ‘Masquerade In Blood’ [Sodom]. There seems to be all kinds of darkness in every human being, and those who pretend to be the most faithful, holy, good people are often the biggest scum on the earth. Let’s use our darkness to force them to drop their disguise.”

The record contains six songs about inner monsters, retaliating ogres and the omnipresence of darkness that we (apparently) all carry within us – six chapters that tell a story of a being who lives in a world which keeps most people paralysed. “It is a journey through the dark worlds of poets and authors such as Sylvia Plath and Mary Shelley. Into Dark Science is a way to accept and channel my inner demons to create something worthwhile and productive,” says the band’s mastermind Andreas Schmittfull.

Another track from Into Dark Science will be featured on the next  ZT covermount CD, so look out for issue 083 – coming soon!

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