Paradise LostLegendary metal band Paradise Lost have finished work on their fourteenth album. Their new opus is called The Plague Within and will be available via Century Media on 2 June 2015.


Starting as explorers of doom-death templates, Paradise Lost from Halifax quickly dropped the death (and later the doom) from their sound in favour of a straight-metal approach, then going pop-rock before returning to doomier sounds. And they did everything with magnificent results!

According to band’s singer Nick Holmes, their new album harks back to their death metal days: “We wanted to approach the new album differently this time, by embracing the band’s VERY early days with the last few years. We have written a very dark-yet-melodic album, but this time many songs definitely have a death metal edge, which is something we haven’t done for a long, long time in Paradise Lost.”

The Plague Within was recorded at Orgone Studios in London with producer Jaimie Gomez Arellano.

The cover is a creation of Polish artist Zbigniew M. Bielak, best known for his works with Watain, Ghost and Entombed A.D.


Paradise Lost guitarist Greg Mackintosh composes and sings in death-crust band Vallenfyre, whereas singer Nick Holmes screams on the latest Bloodbath album, Grand Morbid Funeral.

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