NWOBHM legends DESOLATION ANGELS are back! Formed in 1980 and disbanded in 1994, a new lineup has been assembled for 2012. ZT checked in with founding member Robin Brancher (guitars).


“We are at this moment in time preparing for the two gigs that we have lined up so far, the ‘Hammer Of Doom’ festival in November, and our first London gig at ‘The Bull & Gate’ in Kentish Town on Saturday 27th October 2012.
Curly and Sean have only just joined the band (it is only Curlys 2nd rehearsal with us to date) so its balls to the wall getting the set tight for the two up coming gigs. Things are coming along well rehearsing wise, we will make a few tweaks to the set – which will comprise of songs from the early days and a few form the American part of our career. For your gig we will probably keep it a darker and heavier set with songs like Spirit Of The Deep, Fury, Chainsaw, Edge Of Darkness and When A World Dies to name but a few . . . Valhalla will be included too!


“We have an abundance of new material, more that enough for one new album – and really cant wait to show off and play new tunes. But because of the gigging commitment that we now have and the relatively new band lineup, rehearsing in new songs and working on new ideas has been side-lined for the time being, we will get back on it once we have a few gigs under our belt, and the set becomes second nature to us.


“We did do a recording session a little while ago of which twelve new songs were recorded, we have decided to take four of these and release them as a mini EP. When this will come out, its hard to tell? As we are a self financed band things are pretty tight at the moment finically and economically wise with the band. We are however in the process of looking for management, or an agent to help out with the organizing and fundraising side of things, but as yet we still have to find that someone.


“We have been getting a lot of gig offers since the reformation of the band is now complete, and that news is starting to circulate that we are back together and out there. Gigs all over Europe and the odd place or two over here in the UK. We will be looking to arrange our own gig with Richard Walkers band Solstice in the near future, and then we will probably carry on putting on and arranging our own shows around the UK.


“We are really looking forward to the ‘Hammer Of Doom’ festival . . . and cant wait to rock the hell out there!  . . . Its a case of having waited so long for this to happen, as Keith and I (the two original members of Desolation Angels and the instigators of the creation of Desolation Angels) are very fussy as to who is right for the band, we won’t take anybody, and subsequently auditions for a drummer and a unique singer took a lot longer than originally planed!


“We spent many months in the rehearsal room with just the three of us (Neil, Keith, Rob) rocking out to out tunes with a drum machine. I must say that rehearsing along to a drum machine gets you very tight, as there’s no room for error. But the dammed thing (drum machine) does drone on to say the least, and after too many months it starts to become a little too robotic and monotonous. So, needless to say the ‘Zoom Rhythm Trak RT-123’ has now been sledged hammered to bits and joyously replaced with Sean – Top man!”


From left to right: Neil Craddock (Bass Guitar) Robin Brancher (Guitars) Ian ‘Curly’ Davies (Vocals) Keith Sharp (Guitars) Sean Reid (Drums)

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