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Nuclear War Now! Productions and Iron Bonehead Records continue the campaign of terror known as the Nuclear War Now! Fest. Springing to life in 2009, the fest has become a mainstay of the international underground metal scene. The 2014 fest lineup has settled into place and, as far as the organisers are concerned, it’s set to be more monumental than its predecessors, and if you read on we think you’ll be convinced by the claim too. We most definitely are!


Canadian extremist metal band Revenge have been confirmed to headline where they will be performing a special mixed set of Revenge and Conqueror songs in celebration of the 15 year anniversary of the release of Conqueror’s War.Cult.Supremacy album. Joining Revenge for the Conqueror portion of the set will be R.Forster of Conqueror/Blasphemy. Since Revenge picked up where Conqueror left off, this momentous occasion will be the first and, more importantly maybe, the last time J.Read and R.Forster perform any Conqueror songs live together onstage. This will be the first and only Conqueror performance in the history of the band, and bystanders should expect an unparalleled Superion assault.


Alongside the headliners, long time NWN! commandos Black Witchery (US) will make their 4th appearance at the fest, and so devastating were the performances of Bestial Raids (Pol) and Demonomancy (Ita) in 2012, that NWN! and Iron Bonehead have redeployed these troops. Newly initiated into the NWN! militia and performing at the 2014 fest are Mefitic (Ita), Katechon (Nor), Hellvetron (US), Witchcraft (ex-Black Feast) (Fin), Armour (Fin), and Irkallian Oracle (Swe).


From further afield, the 2014 installment will showcase some of the most impressive new Australian acts. NWN! and Iron Bonehead felt duty-bound to bring Sacriphyx and Grave Upheaval to invade European soil for the first time. Likewise, Brazilian veterans Impurity will lay waste to Berlin on their first trip to Europe.
Equally worth a special mention is the involvement of the resurrected Nocturnus (US). With the release of “The Key” in 1990, Nocturnus established themselves as among the most unique within the classic Floridian death metal scene. NWN! and Nocturnus have been preparing for the release of the band’s demo material for some time and, in honour of that collaboration, Nocturnus will be performing at the 2014 fest.


We’ll be posting interviews with some of the bands and festival updates over the coming months on, in the meantime, check out the confirmed lineup so far and make a note of the dates.


November 7th and 8th 2014
Postbahnhof-Fritzclub, Berlin Germany


Revenge / Conqueror (CANADA)
Nocturnus / Incubus (USA)
Impurity (BRAZIL)
Grave Upheaval (AUSTRALIA)
Sacriphyx (AUSTRALIA)
Hellvetron (USA)
Black Witchery (USA)
Bestial Raids (POLAND)
Mefitic (ITALY)
Katechon (NORWAY)
Armour (FINLAND)
Demonomancy (ITALY)
Irkallian Oracle (SWEDEN)
Witchcraft (FINLAND)


Official After show Party on all days @ Blackland Club.


Fest tickets are available now, here.


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