“Sometimes everything is so dark, that you only see life. This album is all about the primordial hunger that keeps us marching forward. It’s a celebration of the creative spirit, and a big fuck off to every obstacle on the way. The title-track ‘Lifehunger’ is the first single, and it’s a heavy beast. There is much more to follow, the album is as varied as life itself can be. Enjoy the ride!” so say Norway’s Vreid on the track we’re playing here, ahead of the album’s release via our pals Season Of Mist on 28 September 2018.

Vreid’s style is often referred to as black ‘n’ roll and has even been described as “a unique time travel in metal” in the media with elements of ’70s rock, ’80s classic metal, and Norwegian black metal all clearly audible in their music.

You can pre-order Lifehunger at this location – and judging by this track, it sounds like it’ll be well worth it!

Lifehunger tracklist:
1. Flowers & Blood (1:50)
2. One Hundred Years (5:39)
3. Lifehunger (5:36)
4. The Dead White (4:59)
5. Hello Darkness (4:39)
6. Black Rites in the Black Nights (6:26)
7. Sokrates Must Die (3:29)
8. Heimatt (6:01)
Total playing time: 38:39


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