Nile’s Brian Kingsland debuts single for new project Imperishable

Imperishable is a brand new extreme metal band out of South Carolina. Created by Nile Guitarist Brian Kingsland, they are off to a solid start with plans to release the EP Revelation In Purity (release date to be determined). Before presenting the final cut, the band is introducing themselves with their debut single, ‘Exclusion Continuum’. The track is dark, aggressive and catches the overall feel of the forthcoming EP, which summons riffs molded around power rather than flash. No overthinking, just pure unadulterated metal.

Joined by Alex Rush (bass) and Tommy Harrison (drums), the trio is determined to deliver ferocious material while retaining memorable hooks. Grinding yet groovy this mindset allows the group to focus on what inspires them; head banging compositions.

When asked what fans can expect from them, Kingsland responds: “If you enjoy lots of technical guitar, overly polished production, you won’t enjoy this record. This release will be more old-school and raw. Topics lean heavily on self-confidence and strength in one’s beliefs. We shred, but only when it fits the composition. This band is all about the riffs and songwriting.”

The single is available now for download on Bandcamp, Apple Music and stream on Spotify, and you can watch the video for the single ‘Exclusion Continuum’ right here.

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