Pharaonic death metallers Nile have recently made a track off their upcoming album available to stream online.

Taken from the band’s seventh LP ‘At the Gate of Sethu’, the second track ‘The Fiends Who Come To Steal The Magick Of The Deceased’ can be streamed HERE


In a recent interview, Nile mastermind Karl Sanders stated about the full-length: “[The new album] is in similar territory to other Nile records in that a lot of it stems from Ancient Egyptology and sort of has underlying modern themes tied in. We haven’t abandoned our identity and I don’t believe you should fuck over your fans. If your fans like what you do, and you change too much of what you do, fans don’t like it. What matters to me is when I’m out on tour and I meet the actual fans and they share their thoughts…those are the people that I listen to. There’s a lot of new ideas within the realm of what we do that we tried to incorporate. We studied real hard on the guitar and have lots of new riffs and musical ideas. There are a lot of surprises on the record.”


The Anicent Egypt-fetishists will release the new record in Europe on June 29th and in the U.S. on July 3rd via Nuclear Blast Records.

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