Legendary Canadian progressive-thrash metallers Voivod have teamed up with Quebec based Hopfenstark micro-brewery to create their very own brand of beer, commemorating the band’s 30th anniversary.

The new beverage ‘Kluskap O’Kom’ takes its name from a track on Voivod’s latest 2013 release Target Earth, a song inspired by old American-Indian legends.

Last Friday, 18 October, saw the beer unveiled to the public at its official release party, at the brewery’s own Station Ho.St bar in Montreal.

At present, it is unclear whether this will just be a domestic product or if there are intentions to take it outside of Canada and sell internationally. All we can advise is to watch this space.

For further information on the new brew, check out Hopfensark’s official page or watch this informative behind-the-scenes video from guitarist Daniel ‘Chewy’ Mongrain.

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